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When Life Changes…

The choices we make have a big influence on our personal happiness and also on the wellbeing of those we love. They also have a financial impact too. Sometimes we anticipate choices with a sense of excitement. And sometimes life throws us curve balls in the form of unexpected events and important decisions. Perhaps you […]

Planning Finances With A Growing Family

Growing a family is a big financial decision, and you can ensure your kids get the best start in life with better planning around key areas like education, better management of your priorities and maximising Government subsidies. According to studies done by The National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling, University of Canberra, the cost […]

The Intelligent Way To Make A Career Change

Not many people know this, but media personality Dave Hughes once worked in an abattoir[1]. Food writer and celebrity chef Stephanie Alexander left a career as a librarian to follow her passion for cooking[2].  Almost everyone toys with the idea of a career change at some stage, and particularly if you are exposed to high […]

Restoring The Work/Life Balance

In our fast-paced world, there is a heightened desire for a better work/life balance. This goal affects everyone from professionals working long hours, dual income households juggling inflexible jobs and children, and older workers wanting to spend time with grandchildren and ease into retirement. While some want to increase their working hours, the more common […]

The making of an elite athlete

As a sports fanatic, I was recently sucked into a string of YouTube videos on NBA superstar Lebron James (3-time NBA Championship winner and 4-time NBA Most Valuable Player). All sports lovers have found themselves in the ‘YouTube void’ before: it starts by clicking on a 25-second video and having suddenly watched another 4 ‘recommended’ […]

What record low interest rates mean for you

On Tuesday 3rd February Glenn Stevens and his Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) board members made the decision to cut the cash rate to a new low of 2.25%. Record low rates signal unprecedented times for borrowers and lenders. They may also signal that it’s time to rethink your own financial strategy. Low cash rates […]

Finding a great accountant

A great accountant is someone who will make a significant difference to your financial future (and not someone who you throw a pile of poorly kept receipts at once a year). What’s more, technological developments are allowing accountants to have a bigger impact and enhance the client experience at every opportunity. Whilst this is a […]

Financial Planning at Machu Picchu

My wife Louise and I recently enjoyed an incredible few days on our honeymoon at Machu Picchu, a sacred city built atop the Andes mountains in Peru. The breathtaking views of one of the world’s most famous man-made wonders will remain a special memory for us both. But it’s not the views I want to […]

Thank you Mr Hockey

When Joe Hockey was asked about housing affordability for first home buyers early last week he offered the little gem of ‘getting a good job that pays good money’. Thanks Joe. Low interest rates and huge demand have sent domestic property prices rocketing upward, with many hard-working Australians left feeling that their first home is […]

Should you quit your money?

“Quitters never win and winners never quit”, said Vince Lombardi, 5-time NFL Championship winner. It’s an inspiring statement but the reality is that winners quit all the time. They just know what to quit. If you’re serious about getting the most out of your life – your career, your relationships, your health – should you […]