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Learn about our approach to financial advice
with Northeast Director, James O'Reily.

Your experts in financial advisory and Employee Share Schemes


Learn about our approach to financial advice with our Director, James O'Reilly.

professional and knowledgeable.

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Award-winning advice for your Employee Share Schemes, RSUs, NQOs and Stock Options

The strong performance of large companies has created sizeable portfolios for many Employee Share Scheme holders. Effective management of your ESS can result in far better outcomes through reduced tax, less exposure to specific stocks, and ensuring you can best use this money for personal outcomes like buying a home or clearing your mortgage.

Tax management

There are huge opportunities to reduce your tax when managing your Employer Share Schemem and every individual tranche of your shares has different tax implications. We can cut through the noise to help you to confidently decide what to sell, and when.

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Optimise your vesting schedule

Each vesting date provides an important opportunity for you to grow your wealth and reduce tax. We're experts at assessing your entire portfolio and deciding on how to manage these positions with a long-term view.

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When should I be looking to sell down my shares?

Timing is everything when it comes to vested share sales. We can support you to determine when shares should be sold, considering elements like stock performance, broad market performance and exchange rates. By accessing your shares intelligently, you'll be maximising your opportunities and boosting your overall wealth.

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Ralph & Ruth

“They’re straight to the point, they’re not going to dilly dally around and tell us things that we want to hear, rather than what we need to hear.”

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We exist to see lives transformed, and we've seen a lot. See how we have changed the stories of real people across Melbourne & Australia.

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Story after story.

Learn what our people say about Northeast Wealth.


"The amount of money I'll have come retirement time and how that will serve me. Knowing that as I get older, I will be okay. When I lose that ability to work that I have that financial security. Discussing that now brings me peace of mind."

Brian & Tina

"I wanted somebody that was not new in the market, but had very good experience but also wasn't bound to old ideals or old-fashioned ways. I wanted somebody that was current and relevant."

Surge & Kavita

"The service that we were expecting is amazing, probably above and beyond. The constant check-ins were really good, because you always have Northeast at the back your mind, or at the forefront of your mind- really in everything that we were doing."

Get unique and personalised financial advice.

We ensure that our advice process allows us to gather all
the important information we need while keeping you in
the driver’s seat.

Advice unlike the rest.

Much of our industry remains focused on sales. We’re focused on delivering advice, strategies and coaching that are designed to meet your own needs.

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You always come first.

Our advice helps clients to navigate through the tough challenges and make the most of the big opportunities. By optimising your financial situation, we want you to be able to do more of what you love, sooner.

Our approach

Optimise & maximise.

Often it’s the small things that create the biggest results. We’re experts at identifying the changes that will deliver the biggest impact in your financial life, and work with you to iron out all the kinks.

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