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Life changing financial advice.

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Our advice helps you to navigate through the tough challenges and make the most of the big opportunities. Optimising your financial situation, you'll to be able to do more of what you love, sooner.

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The foundation of a successful advice partnership is a firm understanding of your situation. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our advice process allows us to gather all the important information we need while keeping you in the driver’s seat.

Our meetings are informative, educational and help to give you more clarity on the outcomes that you’d like to achieve as a result of working with a financial advisor.

Step 1


Our first session is designed for us to get to know more about one-another and ultimately determine if we’re going to be suitable for your advice needs. We’ll learn more about your situation, and openly talk about our business including our approach toward advice, the people we best serve and the fees that may be applicable to your situation.

This session runs for around 45 minutes and is typically conducted via video conferencing, although we can always be talked into a good coffee if you’d prefer to meet in person.

Step 2


Now that you have a great sense for our approach, our next step is to deep-dive into your situation and learn more about your financial life, plans for the future and feelings around your money.

Our role in this session is simple: to ask great questions and listen well, so that we can design the best strategies to suit you. We’ll also get some basic paperwork completed so that we can research your current financial investments and discuss their suitability based on your future plans.

Step 3


Having understood your situation in detail, the purpose of our Design meeting is to give you a better sense for what working together is likely to look like. We discuss the key areas of your financial life that require advice, as well as breaking down the things that you should do more of, less of and stop doing, to best achieve your goals. We'll also provide you with a Client Agreement which allows you to become a member of our team and start achieving big things sooner.

Step 4


We’ve prepared well and have everything we need to get started. It’s now time to present the specific recommendations, strategies and investments that will enable you to maximise your progress going forward.

We’ll help you to understand each individual recommendation and how this will help to improve your overall situation, explaining the important concepts in simple language you can understand. Following this meeting we’ll get started implementing your advice to ensure that everything is set up correctly.

Learn about our approach to financial advice
with Northeast Director, James O'Reily.

Simple process,
big progress.


Learn about our approach to financial advice
with our Director, James O'Reilly.



You'll get to know Northeast and see if we're a good fit for your needs. This session is designed to help us understand you, your goals and how we can help. We'll explain our approach and what you can expect.



Get ready to deep dive! We'll work together to learn your situation, build a detailed picture of your financial life and understand your own unique goals. This meeting ensures we can design the best solutions for your needs.



Learn how we can help you. We'll outline the plan and the process, and identify what you'll do more of and what you'll do less of on your pathway to financial success. Before you commit, we’ll ensure you’re crystal clear on the services you need and your specific fees.



It's time to maximise your progress. We’ll take you through the specific strategies, recommendations and investments to hit your goals, and move in the right direction. Don't worry, we make all our advice easy to understand. You'll leave feeling clear, and in control.

professional and knowledgeable.

We asked our clients to choose any
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professional and knowledgeable."

We asked clients to choose any three words to describe our advice.
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