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Super is one of the most significant assets most Australians will own. Because individuals invest it for the long-term, making small changes now - like ensuring it's invested correctly or making small ongoing contributions - can make a huge difference to your retirement nest egg. We unravel the complexities so you have the confidence that your retirement will be on your terms.

Why You Need Expert Superannuation Advice from Financial Advisors

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Navigating the intricacies involved in the superannuation system is complex. Our experience is that 'doing it alone' tends to result in many opportunities being missed. These opportunities are often significant - such as missing out on reduced tax over many years, having lower investment returns or poor management of your balance during a financial crisis.

Comprehensive superannuation advice falls within the financial planning services category, and high quality financial planners have the study and experience to advise you in this area. That's why you should consult an experienced financial advisor:

Navigating Regulatory Changes

The world of superannuation is continually evolving, with regulations and compliance requirements frequently updated. Our team of financial advisors stay on top of these transitions, ensuring your investments and accounts remain compliant and optimised for growth.

Maximising Tax Benefits

Our advisors comprehensively understand the tax laws and strategies which relate to your superannuation account, allowing them to assist you in capitalising on these advantages to lower your tax responsibilities while optimising your funds.

Tailoring a Personalised Strategy

Every individual's financial situation is unique. Our advisors take the time to assess your specific circumstances, risk tolerance, financial situation, and retirement goals. With this information, we can develop a tailored retirement advice superannuation strategy which aligns with your objectives.

Diversifying Your Portfolio

We've all heard the expression, 'Don't put all of your eggs in one basket'. Effective superannuation management extends beyond contributions, fees and taxes. Unfortunately, many people that we meet have a poorly diversified superannuation assets, which means unnecessary risk.Our expert advisors will help you diversify your portfolio, reducing risk and increasing your chances of achieving your desired retirement income.

Monitoring and Adjusting

The financial landscape is dynamic, and your superannuation account and strategy should reflect this. Our advisors continually monitor your investments and make the necessary adjustments to optimise performance and align with your evolving goals.

Planning for Retirement

Retirement planning involves much more than just accumulating wealth. Our team will work with you to outline a comprehensive retirement plan that encompasses lifestyle goals, healthcare, and legacy planning, ensuring you can enjoy your retirement to the fullest.

Achieving Financial Peace of Mind

In the end, our objective is to give excellent advice and offer you a high sense of confidence regarding your financial future. When you use Northeast Wealth's adept superannuation guidance service, you will feel confident that your financial prospects are managed by capable professionals.

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Check out our Eight Investment Pillars for a more in-depth knowledge of our investment process.

Our Eight investment Pillars

Get comprehensive financial advice from trusted financial advisors

Seeking personal financial advice from trusted advisors is vital. We offer personalised strategies, navigate complex financial landscapes for clients, and ensure your financial security, providing peace of mind in an ever-changing world.


Paying for personal financial advice with your super

Paying for an adviser or personal financial advice with your super is possible through a process called fee-for-service. This means you can access and pay for advice on managing your superannuation by using your super fund account balance. Our advisers at Northeast Wealth can help you navigate this process within the framework of Australian superannuation regulations.

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Why Northeast Wealth?

For several years, we've helped countless Australians move in the right direction with their finances. From investment planning to protecting your retirement fund, Northeast Wealth takes the time to get to know you and your goals, so we can ensure you achieve financial success. 

fee for service

Fee for Service

We're fully committed to your success. Our dedication means we're fully invested in helping you accomplish the significant financial goals you've established for yourself.

designed for you

Designed for You

We are experienced at studying your financial life and making sure all government benefits and your hard-earned dollars go to work for you and your family.

stay in control

Stay in Control

It's your journey. We won't bark orders – we listen to what you're looking to achieve and then make intelligent recommendations to help you get there.

What We Do


Strategic Financial Advice

From retirement planning advice boosting your savings account to purchasing a property, give your financial future the best chance of success when you seek financial advice from Northeast Wealth.


Investment Management

While it can be profitable, building a portfolio of assets can be daunting. Northeast Wealth can provide guided expertise and recommendations on how to get the most out of your money.


Tax Minimisation

Understanding your tax obligations can take time and effort. We can help you navigate through your tax responsibilities and minimise your expenses.


Superannuation & SMSF

No matter your retirement strategy, Northeast Wealth can provide tailored and practical advice to maximise your retirement savings.


Personal & Business Insurance

As a business owner, you know protecting your assets is a priority and not just one of our individual preferences. Northeast Wealth can help you implement the right insurance and protections to preserve your most valuable assets.


Cash Flow Management

With the rising cost of living, everyone could benefit by learning practical cash flow management skills. Our experienced team can pass on incredible money management skills that you'll use for years to come.


Financial Behavioral Coaching

Need a little help getting your finances back on track? Northeast Wealth can equip you with the skills to unlock your full potential with money management.


Debt Reduction Service

Don't let debt hold you back from achieving your financial goals. The passionate team at Northeast Wealth can create a debt reduction plan to help you kick debt to the curb once and for all.


Asset Structuring

Know your assets and investments are protected against potential risk by enlisting the help of Northeast Wealth. We can prepare documents and contracts that keep your assets secure.


Employee Share Schemes

Rewarding your employees for their efforts with profitable shares is a great way to improve company morale. We can help run your employee share scheme to ensure success.


Financial Project Management

Managing major assets requires a team of experts to maximise its profits. The team at Northeast Wealth can put you in touch with the right professionals to help you meet your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can advise me about Superannuation?

Superannuation advice should ideally come from a qualified financial advisor who specialises in retirement planning. Northeast Wealth offers experienced and trusted advisers who can provide this comprehensive superannuation guidance.

SMSF advice should only be sought from professionals with specific SMSF expertise due to the complexity of this advice, and the cost of error. Our team can offer tailored and comprehensive advice on both standard superannuation and SMSFs, ensuring you make informed and responsible decisions about your financial future.

Do I need a financial advisor for Superannuation?

The superannuation system is complex, with various investment options and legislation giving rise to ever-evolving strategies to optimise your wealth in this area. Although you can 'self-manage' any superannuation account, an advisor can support you in navigating this terrain, align your super with your retirement goals, and ensure you maximise tax benefits.

It's particularly crucial for those with self-managed super funds (SMSFs) due to the added complexities. Northeast Wealth's experienced advisors specialise in superannuation and SMSFs, providing expert guidance for a secure financial future.

Is it worth paying for a financial advisor in Australia?

Yes, it's often worth paying for a financial advisor in Australia. Financial advisors provide valuable insights, help optimise investments, and ensure your financial goals align with your circumstances. They navigate complex tax laws and changing regulations, with the goal of building your long-term wealth. If you're planning for retirement, managing superannuation, or growing wealth, professional advice can offer peace of mind and a positive impact on your overall financial position.

What are SMSFs?

A self-managed super fund (SMSF) is a private superannuation trust structure that allows you to have more control over your retirement savings. Unlike traditional super funds, SMSFs provide you with unparalleled investment opportunities, including the ability to invest in direct property, artwork and cryptocurrency. With the right guidance, you can create a diversified portfolio tailored to support your unique financial goals.

Why Do I Need SMSF Advice?

Navigating Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) can be complex. Without proper guidance, managing an SMSF can lead to costly mistakes and non-compliance. SMSF advice is essential to help you harness the benefits of control, tax advantages, and flexibility while ensuring you meet all regulatory requirements.

Where Do I Get SMSF Advice?

When seeking SMSF advice, clients can turn to Northeast Wealth - your experienced financial advisory team that specialise in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. With a deep understanding of SMSFs, tax implications, and compliance, we provide great advice and tailored strategies to optimise your retirement savings while ensuring you meet all legal requirements. Your financial future is in trusted hands with us.

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