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We are the financial professionals in your corner. We listen hard to understand your goals and ambitions, ensure you are heading in the right direction, and keep you accountable when you stray from the path.

A financial planner is an advisor who can help you manage your finances and reach your long-term financial goals. Whether you’re considering property investment, share trading or estate planning, having expert advice and a detailed financial plan is essential. 

Northeast Wealth is a highly qualified financial planning firm in Melbourne that can help you take control of your financial future. We keep you in the driver’s seat while empowering you to make smarter financial decisions. 

As a leading financial planning firm in Melbourne, we offer various financial services to ensure every client can find the best solution for their circumstances. We prioritise your financial success — our unique and tailor-made advice is made to work for you.

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Our clients are committed to growth. Every person we work with is driven to progress more, achieve more, and live more.

Imagine doubling your financial progress 

Our clients report a 2.1x increase in the progress that they are making with their money after twelve months of working with us.

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Get clear around your money

As well as making better progress every year, our clients also report a 2.5x increase on the clarity that they have around their finances after twelve months working together.

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We navigate you through the tough challenges and make the most of the big opportunities. By optimising your financial situation, you’ll hit those important goals faster and enjoy life on your own terms.

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Why seek the advice of a financial planning firm in Melbourne

Sometimes we don’t realise how much of an important role money plays in our lives. The good news is that it’s never too late to get on top of your finances and reach out to a financial planner. Unsure about how a financial planner can help you? Check out the five major benefits below!

● Set and achieve financial goals — Whether you’re unsure what you want to do with your money or need help getting started, our financial planning solutions in Melbourne can help you generate long-term wealth. We can help you access the right resources and provide strategies to ensure your financial goals are achieved within your ideal timeframe.

● Clear your debt — Don’t let lingering debt prevent you from getting what you want most out of life. Once you begin working with one of our professional financial planners, they’ll help you establish a debt repayment plan to get you debt-free for good. They’ll also monitor your progress and provide support to help you cross the finish line.

● Risk protection — While striving toward your financial goals, it’s also essential to have a plan in place for unforeseen circumstances. A financial planner can help you protect your wealth and keep your family safe and secure during life’s unpleasant moments.

● Adjust to new life stages — Planning on starting a family? Thinking about retirement? A financial planner can help you make a seamless transition with effective financial management if you're preparing to go through a major life change. We can also help you adjust to unplanned changes, like coming into an inheritance or other assets.

● Dedicated to your success — Once your financial plan is up and running, your financial planner will continue to work with you to ensure you stay on track. As you put your plan into practice, we’ll identify potential challenges or concerns that may impact your progress and make necessary changes.

Get unique and personalised financial advice.

We ensure that our advice process allows us to gather all
the important information we need while keeping you in
the driver’s seat.

Advice unlike the rest.

Much of our industry remains focused on sales. We’re focused on delivering advice, strategies and coaching that are designed to meet your own needs.

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You always come first.

Our advice helps clients to navigate through the tough challenges and make the most of the big opportunities. By optimising your financial situation, we want you to be able to do more of what you love, sooner.

Our approach

Optimise & maximise.

Often it’s the small things that create the biggest results. We’re experts at identifying the changes that will deliver the biggest impact in your financial life, and work with you to iron out all the kinks.

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Providing financial advice with trust and care.

Our business operates on a fee-for-service basis, giving you confidence in your future financial situation. All our advice is designed to meet your needs.

Northeast Wealth takes a personal approach to our financial planning solutions in Melbourne and has a simple step-by-step process. We’ll first sit down with you to ensure your goals align with our methods. We then get to know you, where you’re currently at financially and where you’d like to go. From there, we’ll create a plan to get you on the road to success! 

We keep our advice simple and clear, ensuring you understand every step, strategy or recommendation we make. Northeast Wealth caters to a range of clients and has extensive experience in the financial services industry. We work with everyday individuals, couples, business owners and more. Northeast Wealth is dedicated to helping you take life-changing steps toward financial freedom regardless of your goals, ambitions or needs.


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